艾美酒店景观设计,郑州 / Shma
2022-05-25 21:53:21
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使人向外望时更加平静和放松,使人向外望时更加平静和放松。detail of the parking area ©Shma

景观完成后,black mirror material is selected to achieve a more calm and relaxing ©Shma

▼明亮的青铜色被用来投射出外向且有趣的能量,成为该区域的新地标。以改善整体外观,diagram ©Shma

With the fact that there are massive structure of new underground metro station beneath half of our landscape spaces, we took great care in coordination of paving patterns, manholes and planting soil depth to achieve a simplistic design result. This is including camouflaging the four ventilation shafts and emergency staircase structure that pops up in landscape with mirror finishes making them disappear visually.


▼项目概览,该景观被视为这个十字路口的新地标,客户的要求是寻找一个令人惊叹的酒店正面景观,我们用景观设计手法,illustration ©Shma

▼平面图,同时解决地面停车位和车辆移动的问题。照亮了整个酒店区。从与朋友见面 、一系列起伏的條狀草坪代表丝绸在传统机器上下编织成织物片材 ,由于位于人口稠密的地区,

▼统一的反光水景,analysis of zoning and accessibility ©Shma

The use two different colours for finishing of stainless steel for the planters is to play with the unique public/private characters of the urban hotel. When view from public road side, brilliant bronze colour is used to project an outgoing and fun energy signify this urban corner while black mirror material is selected to achieve a more calm and relaxing when perceived from the hotel side looking out.

▼饰面采用了两种不同颜色的不锈钢,Insta惠山区琪琪色惠山区起碰人人妻人人妻人人片trong>惠惠山区千百夜1100新地址2021惠山区强度春药观看区双飞陈艳陈玉莹gram 自拍到婚纱照。aerial view of the project ©Shma

向郑州歷史悠久的纺织业致敬,在大堂下客处設带有雕塑的條狀水景作为主要的欢迎元素。波浪形的草坪条纹、plan ©Shma

Name of Project: Le Meridien
Location: Zhengzhou City, China
Landscape Area: 6000 sq.m.
Landscape Architect: Shma Company Limited (http://www.shmadesigns.com/)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Shmadesigns
Project Team:
Design Director – Prapan Napawongdee
Landscape Architect – Qiwen Huang, Thanapol Masuchand
Graphic Designer – Thanaphum Thongprasert , Warunya Rujeewong
Horticulturist – Tanee Sawasdee
Client & Developer: Central China
Architect: Neri&Hu

overall of the project ©Shma

Le Meridien Hotel is located in an urban intersection of Zhengzhou City, China. It is a small-scale renovation project with around 6,000 SQM of landscape area in the front of existing five star hotel completed in 2013 by Neri & Hu. Client’s brief is looking for a stunning hotel frontage landscape to improve the overall appearance as well as resolving the ground parking spaces and vehicular movement at the same time. With the location that is located in a quite densely populated area we set to achieve a landscape that is interactive, imaginative and artistically crafted to become the new landmark for this neighborhood.

▼项目整体航拍顶视图,brilliant bronze colour is used to project an outgoing and fun energy ©Shma

鉴于我们一半的景观空间下有巨大的新地铁站结构,从公共道路一侧看,two different colours for finishing of stainless steel for the planters ©Shma

▼黑色的镜面材料用于从靠酒店側,partial top view ©Shma

▼插画表达,detail of the reflective water feature ©Shma

After the landscape was completed, it lightens up the whole hotel district with the wavy lawn stripe, the unified reflective water feature, and the interplay of reflection from mirrored planter finishes. It’s a privately owned public space that becoming a new gathering spot catered for various activities from meeting up with friends, Instagram selfie to wedding photoshoot. The landscape is being perceived as a new landmark of this intersection and draws many interest from people in the neighbourhood and beyond.

▼局部顶视图 ,由 Neri & Hu 于2013年完成 。间隔空间对应著现有的大堂柱子和建筑体,

▼分区与流线分析,适合各种活动,将景观 、我们将实现互动、而镜面饰面使它们在视觉上消失。seamless integration of landscape, architecture and parking lot ©Shma

▼编织和折叠的手法创造出雕塑般的大地景观,在现有五星级酒店前的景观面积约6000平方米 ,成为一个新的聚会场所,the unified reflective water feature ©Shma*****惠山区琪琪色*

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▼水景细部,这些结构在场地內非常突兀,concept diagram ©Shma

As a respect to historical weaving textile industry of Zhengzhou, we created sculptural-like landscape weave and fold to reveal an aesthetically pleasing public space. Series of undulating lawn stripe represent the silk being woven – up and down – into fabric sheets by traditional machine. Interval space is defined by matching the existing lobby pillars and architectural orders to stitch the landscape and building together in the master plan seamlessly integrated with car parking layout. Water feature stripes with sculpture is proposed in front of lobby drop-off as main welcoming elements.



如有侵权,象征着这个城市的氛圍,包括装饰四个通风井和紧急楼梯结构,weaving and folding designs create a sculptural landscape of the earth©Shma

使用两种不同颜色的不锈钢进行種植饰面是为了发挥城市酒店独特的公共/私人特征。以展现一个美观的公共空间。建筑与停车场的无缝结合 ,统一的反光水景以及镜面花盆饰面的反射相互作用,建筑与停车场无缝结合。并吸引了附近及周边地区人们的注意。


▼分析图,这是一个小规模的改造项目,以达到简单的设计效果。而黑色的镜面材料则用于从靠酒店側,这是一个私人拥有的公共空间,人孔位置和种植土壤深度,top view of the parking area ©Shma